Saudi Scientific Association of Plastic Surgery and Burns

The history of plastic surgery in Saudi Arabia contains more than 40 years of ambition, hopes and petition. Plastic surgeons in the kingdom walked a long road to promote the specialty by overcoming the social difficulties and technical needs in the early years and to establish safe, successful high standard plastic surgery services.

This journey led to the creation of the first professional Scientific Association of Plastic Surgery and Burns (SSAPSB) in the kingdom which was founded on 2001 (G) to promote our specialty between the public and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences  within plastic surgery community locally and internationally with the similar associations.

SSAPSB has held 6 international conferences of plastic surgery and 11 symposiums with the participation of more than 150 national and international faculties.

We found a huge demand for wound car in the kingdom, including burn, DFU, Pressure Ulcers and advances in wound care. So came the idea of Saudi International Wound Care Conference .

Our society promote public education through many platform (lectures, social media , events) to promote safe plastic surgery nation wide.

We are welcoming you to our society and looking forward to take plastic surgery specialty to the next level.

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