April 13-15, 2019

Hotel Intercontinental - Jeddah

Dear Colleagues

It is a great pleasure and an honour to extend to you a warm invitation to attend the Saudi International Wound Care Conference (SIWCC 2019) scheduled to take place from April 13-15, 2019 in, Jeddah. Saudi Arabia.

The conference is organized by the Saudi Scientific Association of Plastic Surgery and Burns (SSAPSB) in collaboration with international associations.

The theme of this year’s meeting is “Art of wound healing ” which will provide an international platform for discussion of present and future challenges in wound care management expertise meeting through a variety of state-of-the-art sessions, keynote lectures, workshops and sessions including poster presentations.

The conference theme will underpin the need for collaboration and cooperation of individuals from a wide range of professional backgrounds and has invited prominent speakers to speak about various contemporary topics on wound care management as well as renowned speakers to present the latest clinical expertise. We welcome opportunities to work with industry on delivering other novel, exciting, engaging partnership activity throughout the whole year. This event will be hosted in Jeddah, the most beautiful city on Red Sea cost and the second largest city in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Here you can find a unique flavor of Culture, Art, Food and Coffee shops. We are sure you will enjoy your stay with us in April 2019 and we are looking forward to meet you then.

On behalf of SSAPSB, I would be delighted to host you at this prestigious and influential event.

Dr. Mahmoud Fakiha
President of the Saudi International Wound Care Conference (SIWCC 2019)
Vice President of the Saudi Scientific Association of Plastic Surgery and Burns (SSAPSB)
Assistant professor of Plastic Surgery

Who can participate?

  • Consultanats
  • Specialist Nurses
  • Registered Nurses in Wound Care
  • Plastic Surgeons
  • Vascular & General Surgeons
  • Internal Medicine Specialist / Internists
  • Dermatologists

Check our Scientific Schedule

  • Saturday13/04/2019
  • Sunday14/04/2019
  • Monday15/04/2019
  • Workshops

Art of Pressure Wound Debridement


Diabetic Foot Examination & Assessment

  • 1. Knowing the full examination and assessment of diabetic foot.
  • 2. How to categorize diabetic foot.
  • 3. Knowing the different offloading modalities of Diabetic foot ulcer.

Dr. Hani Badahdah & Dr. Khalid Edrees

Offloading Modalities of Diabetic Ulcer

will update this section shortly

Dr. Hani Badahdah & Dr. Khalid Edrees

Stoma Care

  • 1. Teaching the theoretical and practical knowledge so attendees feel comfortable and competent working around a stoma.
  • 2. Teaching the correct technique and methods of changing a stoma bag
  • 3. Teaching the importance of maintaining effective infection control and the underpinning of privacy, dignity and respect for the service user.

Ms. Eseia & Ms. Bakriah

Dressing Selection

  • 1. Identification of the best practice for dressing selection.
  • 2. Differentiate between the different types of dressing.

Dr. Hani Badahdah & Ms. Bakriah

NPWT Application in Wound Care

  • 1. Demonstrate the safe application of NPWT.
  • 2. Select appropriate wounds for NPWT.
  • 3. Be proficient in dressing challenging wounds and anatomically difficult areas.
  • 4. Demonstrate ability to troubleshoot and effectively use the Negative Pressure Therapy devices
  • 5. Select the appropriate Negative Wound Therapy dressings and adjunct dressings
  • 6. Be familiar with supporting materials and tools available that identify recommended practice based on clinical evidence

Dr. Hani Badahdah & Ms. Bakriah

Delicate Debridement of Critical Anatomic Regions

  • 1. Learn how to preserve the viable tissue.
  • 2. Learn how to mix minimize blood loss.

Dr. Ayman Helmi

Basic Surgical Technique Workshop

  • 1. Describe different suture materials and instruments
  • 2. Hands on suturing techniques
    • a. Simple interrupted suturing
    • b. Continuous suturing
    • c. Mattress suturing
    • d. Subcuticular suturing

Dr. Hattan Aljaaly, Dr. HUSAM Ammar & Dr. Abdulla Bamashmoos

Burn Management Made Easy

Providing Consensus information from the member of the burn team to assess community physicians and paramedical staff in assessing and treating minor burns,resuscitation of major burns and when to transfer a patient to a specialized facility.

  • 1. Emergent or Shock Phase
  • 2. Assessment of Smoke or Heat Inhalation Injury
  • 3. Assessment of Burn Severity and Extent
  • 4. Methods of Burn Extent
  • 5. Categories of burn injury, assessment and initial treatment
  • 6. Shock and Acute Phase/ Community Hospital Treatment
  • 7. Managment Guidelines
  • 8. Pre-Transport Support Guidelines
  • 9. No Resuscitation

Tawfeik Alyafi, Lujain Assad, Mohammad Matar & Samah Gassa

Pressure Ulcer Positioning

  • 1. Role of Occupational Therapy
  • 2. Assessment
  • 3. Intervation
    • 1. Patient can Do/ Patient's involments
    • 2. Modification to wheelchair
    • 3. Pressure Relief Program/ Positioning
    • 4. Pressure-relieving accessories/equipments

Mrs. Mary Melle & Dr. Rawabi Jamalallail

Pricepels of Rehabilitation Care for Burned Patients


  • 1. Discuss the prevalence of burns and role of rehabilitation in burn management.
  • 2. Summarize the types of burns, issues in burn assessment and rehabilitation intervention options.
  • 3. Describe the principles of rehabilitation techniques that help regaining movement, strength and function.
  • 4. Demonstrate different kind of positioning with special devices in bed and chair.
  • 5. Explain strategies of improving exercise tolerance for burned patients.

Dr. Ahmed Barhameen

Collaborative Associations

Ministry of Health

Emirates Plastic Surgery Society

King Abdulaziz University

Saudi Nursing Society

Saudi Patient Safety Center

Saudi General Surgery Society

American Microsurgical Orthoplastic Society

About Jeddah

The country’s commercial capital, and a point of convergence for pilgrims and traders for centuries, Jeddah is the most easygoing city in the Kingdom – not to mention its most beguiling.